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Resilience Radio: Crushing the Tough Stuff with Kim Ades

This podcast is about leveraging your thinking to overcome life's challenges. Each episode features unique and moving stories from business leaders about how they were able to move through adversity and achieve success.

Really great podcast to get my day going and power through some hard struggles I have been going through. Recommend to anybody and everybody!!!

- B.F.

E15: Overcoming Being Kidnapped and Scammed

by Frame of Mind December 6, 2016

Jordan Harbinger, the owner of the Art of Charm and a top-ranking podcast host, shares his story of surviving being kidnapped. Jordan also shares what he describes as his biggest challenge: dealing with friends who scammed him after he had hired them to help with his business. For more information about Jordan, visit:     […]

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E14: Fixing A Broken Relationship

by Frame of Mind November 29, 2016

Eric McGrath, the Chief Excellence Officer of Driven For Life, discusses how he was able to mend his relationship with his ex-wife after their divorce. He shares his tips and principles for creating harmonious relationships. For more information about Eric visit:   Listen here: Subscribe on iTunes

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E13: The Power of Letting Go

by Frame of Mind November 22, 2016

Doug Foresta, the producer of Resilience Radio, joins Kim to discuss his childhood (which included taping knives and explosives to his body), and how that has impacted his thinking when dealing with adversity. Doug shares how he had to teach himself Hebrew after going from public school in the South to religious Jewish schools, and how he […]

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E12: Crushing Breast Cancer

by Frame of Mind November 15, 2016

Real estate agent Frankie Dean discusses the thinking that enabled her to overcome breast cancer twice. She also shares how she has since run sixteen 5K races, how she inspires other women to “get out there and move” and how she raises awareness about the importance of early detection.  For more information about Frankie visit: […]

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E11: Learning and Succeeding After a Business Failure

by Frame of Mind November 8, 2016

Govindh Jayaraman shares his story of incurring millions of dollars in business debt after the 2009 crash. Govindh also shares how he was able to cope as well as the lessons he learned from his experiences that have enabled him to bounce back and create even greater success, both personally and professionally. For more information […]

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E10: Overcoming a Tough Childhood & Becoming a World Class Speaker

by Frame of Mind November 1, 2016

This episode features an interview with author, speaker and coach Chris Widener. Chris shares his journey of losing his father at a young age and falling into drug use and gambling, as well as what enabled him to overcome his circumstances and eventually work with Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar and become a world class […]

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E09: Thriving After Divorce

by Frame of Mind October 25, 2016

Robyn Green, entrepreneur and founder of Movies for Mommies, shares her story of going through a painful divorce while raising two children. Robyn discusses the thinking that enabled her to thrive and grow during and after her divorce. Listen here: To learn more about Robyn Green visit: and Subscribe on iTunes

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E08: Handling a Challenging Business Partnership

by Frame of Mind October 18, 2016

Kira Leskew, a serial entrepreneur and coach, discusses the power of mindfulness to overcome challenges in life and business. She also shares her own story of dissolving a business partnership with her ex-husband. For more information about Kira Leskew visit:   Subscribe on iTunes

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E07: Moving Through Grief After Losing a Spouse

by Frame of Mind October 11, 2016

Leadership expert, speaker and author, Lance Secretan shares his journey of being widowed twice and having his daughter die during heart surgery. Lance speaks about what we can learn from grief and his perspective on coping with loss. Listen here: For more information about Lance Secretan visit: Subscribe on iTunes

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E06: Bouncing Back After a Financial Setback

by Frame of Mind October 4, 2016

Debra Ruh, a global disability and inclusion specialist, discusses how she was able to bounce back after her company, Tec Access, went through a merger following financial difficulties. Debra shares how she became a disability advocate after her daughter Sarah was born with Down’s Syndrome and how she has since gone on to become a […]

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E05: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

by Frame of Mind September 27, 2016

World renowned business leader, author and trainer David T.S. Wood discusses some of the early adversity he experienced growing up, including experiencing poverty and abuse. David shares how he became a self-proclaimed chronic liar and thief in order to lift himself out of his situation and how he eventually went on to build multiple million […]

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E04: How to Survive After a Crisis

by Frame of Mind September 27, 2016

Faydra Koenig, “America’s Crisis Coach,” discusses her journey of having her husband sentenced to 42 years in prison after being convicted of running a 250 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Faydra shares how she copes with receiving threats and hate mail on a weekly basis, and how she works with people who are going through their […]

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E03: Finding Peace of Mind After a Tragedy

by Frame of Mind September 27, 2016

Anthony Cole, CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group LLC, discusses how he was able to find peace of mind after his son suffered a debilitating brain injury stemming from cardiac arrest, as well as how he has been able to mend his relationship with his daughter after years of estrangement. Listen here: To learn more […]

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E02: So Life Sucks – Get Over It!

by Frame of Mind September 27, 2016

Ron Hurak, author and CEO of a successful software development company, discusses overcoming homelessness, abuse and addiction when he was 14 years old. His story of triumph will grip you and bring you to tears. Listen here: To learn more about Ron Hurak visit: Subscribe on iTunes

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E01: Lessons From a Successful Restaurant Owner

by Frame of Mind September 26, 2016

This episode features an interview with Janet Zuccarini, CEO of the restaurant group Gusto 54. Janet discusses how she overcame early challenges in her business partnership and how she grew her business from a single location to a highly successful group of restaurants. Listen here: To learn more about Janet Zuccarini and Gusto 54 visit: […]

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