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Frame of Mind Certification

FOM Coaching Certification is changing the landscape of coaching.
Our training equips you to deliver phenomenal coaching that is personalized, highly intimate and has a long-lasting impact.


Our next FOM Methods session is scheduled for May 2017!
Contact us for details.

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I had never really considered having a coach or participating in a coaching program. After all, I was a very motivated, type A personality who was a passionate business leader and successful entrepreneur. I prided myself on the strength of my drive and determination to accomplish anything put in fro... read more

- Barbara E. Smith


Getting certified is an incredibly rewarding and amazing experience. Learn why:


FOM Certification is changing the landscape of coaching by equipping you to deliver phenomenal coaching that produces both personal and professional transformation. FOM Coaching is highly intimate and personalized to produce deep, long-lasting impact, and can be applied to all categories of business and personal development. FOM Coaching trains you to teach your clients to shift their thinking and apply that shift to any and all areas of their lives.


We train you to leverage your natural instincts coupled with a proven framework to deliver high-impact coaching within an infrastructure to build a thriving, successful coaching business.


We understand the challenges of the independent executive coach as well as the in-house corporate coach and all other types of coaches; we offer a supportive community of like-minded people who are all driven to be their best and deliver their best to their clients.


Our involvement with our coaches extends far beyond coaching certification. Our commitment is to you, your personal development and your own success. We want you to go out and impact people’s lives, fill your coaching business and be equipped with everything you need to do just that.

Our next FOM  Methods session is scheduled for May 2017!
Contact us for details.

Steps to Certification

There are 3 simple steps:

Step 1 :1-on-1 Coaching (10 Weeks)

The first step to becoming certified in the FOM Methodology is to experience phenomenal coaching with one of our own FOM Certified Coaches. During this 10 week program, you will not only experience your own personal transformation, you will learn the FOM Principles and begin integrating them into your own life. We are committed to your ongoing personal development; therefore the first and most important step towards your certification is 1-on-1 coaching. This step alone will leave you deeply impacted with first-hand experience of the FOM Coaching model.

Step 2 :FOM Methods - $4500 + Travel/Lodging

During this 4-day intensive in-person workshop you will master the art of reading and responding to journals and learn how to evaluate assessment data to better understand your potential client.  You will engage in interactive scenarios and role-playing, and further your knowledge base in regards to the FOM Methodology. Discover the flow behind the 10 weeks of 1:1 coaching and learn why it’s important to engage your own clients in the process. Discover how to leverage the journal to build relationships, deliver intimate, highly impactful coaching, generate repeat and referral business, and more. You will learn to enquire, probe, nudge and guide your clients to move forward daily through the journaling process.

You will also have access to all of the proprietary FOM tools and techniques that you need to enable you to sell coaching with ease. You will remove any barriers and beliefs that stand in the way of your success. You will design a strategy that aligns with your strengths.  You will learn all the proven methods that Frame of Mind Coaching has implemented over the years to fill your coaching roster and more.

***Our next FOM Methods program takes place in Toronto in May 2017***

Step 3 :FOM Foundations (10 Weeks) - $3000

The FOM Foundations course is a deep and intimate program designed to further your training in the FOM Principles and Methodology. During this program you will learn the art of leveraging your instincts to deliver powerful coaching. You will be immersed in the proven FOM framework and through experiential learning, you will discover how to marry the framework with your own natural instincts in a way that gives you a system for powerful coaching that you can rely on to deliver incredible impact over and over again. You will clarify your role as a coach and learn the elements required to work powerfully with your clients.



UPON successful completion of this third step you will receive your Certificate of Completion, attesting that you have been trained in the FOM Methodology to the satisfaction of President, Owner and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, Kim Ades,  and enabling you to formally utilise what you’ve learned throughout the 3-step process into your own coaching practice.

I am writing this letter with the utmost gratitude. Working with my coach has been an amazing experience that I wish many people can have at least once in their life time. Before starting the program, I felt confused, lost and angry about my personal situation. My coach has shown me the importance o... read more

- Alex Arevalo

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